HTML5 flip book. is simple, lightweight and standalone javascript library that will make your documents look like a real book or magazine with a realistic page flip effect and intuitive, thought-out navigation (see demo).


Lightweight (only 12kb gzipped) and powerful flip book component with no dependencies.

Simple and clean API.

Built with HTML5 is optimized for all major desktops, tablets and smartphones. No Flash, no App!

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Real magazine feeling.

The stunning page turning effect will impress your customers and make their user experience unique. allows you to embed a magazine anywhere on your site.


The shadows create an effect of depth which make the magazine more realistic.


The thickness of magazine changes depending on the number of pages.


We have reached amazing visual similarity of a real magazine.

Smart page loading.

Only the current pages of the magazine are loaded (speeds up, save traffic).

Coming soon…

We are working on the development of our product and very soon you will see new amazing features.

Table of contents.

Move around the document quickly and efficiently.

Interactive content.

Add interactivity to the magazine by using audio and video.

Embed & share.

Quickly and efficiently distribute content to your readers.

Search for phrases and words throughout the document.


The best user experience techniques.

Full screen.

Maximize the viewing and reading experience.

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